NEW SERIES: 等我音乐 (děngwǒyīnyuè) #1 – MoreKui – 奥莎儿,我走了 (àoshāér, wǒzǒule)BreadToast Chinese 面包吐思

NEW SERIES: 等我音乐 (děngwǒyīnyuè) #1 – MoreKui – 奥莎儿,我走了 (àoshāér, wǒzǒule)

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Hey guys. Breadtoast Chinese is back. We’ve jumped from just one dude begging his friends to help himthrow together some random shows, to multiple amazing teams of co-hosts and producers going all in with me, Brad or 张浩哲or面包老师 or whatever you wanna call me, on a bunch of fun new series.  Our goal? Produce awesome, thoughtful and entertaining Chinese-language content for learners and native speakers alike and prove that no matter where we’re from or where we are--or where we’re going, for that matter--we can all understand, appreciate and inspire one another.

So, let’s get going with our new 等我音乐 series. That’s the kind of deng, (d-e-n-g third tone) that means level, like: being on an equal level. We could maybe translate the series name into something simple like “My Music Story,” but I feel like we’re missing too much there, or “The Story of my music told in a way that puts us on the same level as each other and also the music”??? Yeah, no thanks.  So, we’ll just stick with the Chinese name, 等我音乐. I think you’ll get the idea.

等我音乐,Episode One, features established drummer and up and coming songwriter Morekui (Chinese name: 吴奎WuKui).  The 背景音乐you’re hearing right now,or “BGM” as most Chinese speakers call it, is Morekui’s 奥莎儿,我走了。My 等我音乐 co-host, 易开,and I got Morekui to break down the story of this unique and emotion-packed song.  We’ll play 奥莎儿,我走了for you again at the end of the podcast. You’ll find some helpful language learning materials and links to today’s song and artist info in the show notes. 

Pinyin and definitions source:

Music Vocab

  • 架子鼓 - [jià zǐ gǔ] - drum set
  • 旋律[ xuán lǜ ] – melody; rhythm
  • 主唱[ zhǔ chàng ] – lead singer
  • 另类金属[lìng lèi jīn shǔ] – alternative metal/rock
  • 电子音乐[ diàn zǐ yīn yuè ] – electronic music
  • 流派[ liú pài ] – genre; style; school
  • 乐理[ yuè lǐ ] – music theory
  • 合成器[ hé chéng qì ] - synthesizer
  • 采样[ cǎi yàng ] – sampling
  • 小调[ xiǎo diào ] – minor key


  • 亦师亦友[ yì shī yì yǒu ] – teachers and friends. 即是老师,又是朋友。有益的老师可以是知心的朋友,有长处的朋友某种意义上就是值得学习其长处的老师。亦:副词,也,表示同样、也是。
  • 一发不可收拾[ yī fā bù kě shōu shí ] – get out of hand. 一发:更加。指一件事情发展势头很猛,无法收手,不可阻挡
  • 喜怒哀乐[ xǐ nù āi lè ] - four types of human emotions, namely:happiness 欢喜, anger 愤怒, sorrow 悲哀and joy 快乐. 高兴、愤怒、悲哀、快乐。泛指人的各种不同感情。
  • 谈婚论嫁[ tán hūn lùn jià ] – talk about marriage and marriage. 到了男的该娶老婆,女的该嫁老公的时候。

Chinese Pop Culture References

  • 周杰伦[zhōu jié lún] – Jay Chou
  • 虾米音乐[xiā mǐ yīn yuè] – Xiami Music App
  • 微博[wēi bó] - Weibo

Extra Vocabulary to look up and listen for (if that’s your thing).

  • 憧憬
  • 昵称
  • 落后
  • 盆子
  • 枣泥
  • 意见/建议
  • 构想
  • 小巷
  • 客观
  • 杂碎
  • 归纳
  • 科幻
  • 捏造
  • 呢喃
  • 独白
  • 含义
  • 展现
  • 论坛

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