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等我音乐 (děngwǒyīnyuè) #4 – 邓泽西 JerseyDeng – i really lost a friend

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等我音乐 Episode 4 :  

Jersey Deng is kind of hilarious. Jersey Deng is straight up talented. Jersey Deng is a star.  Do yourself a favor and check out her story.

本期《等我音乐》邀请到了重磅级的原创歌手 邓泽西(Jersey Deng)来谈谈她的音乐之路,以及围绕《I really lost a friend》这首歌曲的创作前后发生的趣闻与故事,希望粉丝们或即将成为Jersey粉丝的听众们能通过这期节目更好的了解这个搞怪、欢乐、天赋异禀的年轻音乐人。


目录 Contents:  1) 链接 Links  2) 歌词  Lyrics 3) 开场白文字 Opening Transcript  4) 语言学习材料 Language Learning Materials


1) 链接 Links

Listen to i really lost a friend on B站

Listen to  i really lost a friend on 网易云音乐

Watch Jersey's 弹舌 video on  B站

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Follow 邓泽西 JerseyDeng on 网易云音乐


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2) 歌词 Lyrics

i really lost a friend

作曲 : 邓泽西/Nathanaël G

作词 : 邓泽西/Nathanaël G


I cried until I dissolve,


Come close to watch me turnd to pulp,


I try but I can’t do right


So how about just let it go


I lost a friend I’ve never had


I lost a friend


I lost a friend I’ve never had


I lost a friend






I sighed till I lose my mind


Stand back, better walk out of my life


I pined then I thought twice


So why didn’t I set them all on fire


I lost a friend I’ve never had


You lost a friend, too


I lost a friend I’ve never had


You lost a friend, too




please give me a sweet dream


Forget all this shit





3) 开场白文字 Opening Transcript


易开and I are excited to introduce to you Jersey Deng. Today’s conversation covers several aspects of her rise to “Internet red” status (网红), focusing mainly of course on her hit song: “i really lost a friend.” We’ll play the song in its entirety after the interview is over.        

For lyrics, links to Jersey’s stuff and useful language learning materials, check out the episode notes on breadtoastchinese.simplecast.com, and in the articles we put out on our public WeChat account, or 微信公众号,BreadToast Chinese 面包吐思. 


4) 语言学习材料 Language Learning Materials

17 Words and Phrases that Brad Likes and/or Has Something to Say About:

  1. 网易云音乐 [ wǎng yì yún yīn yuè ] – NetEase Music music streaming service.  Jersey’s (and Brad’s) platform of choice and the best place to find her songs (China Only)
  2. B站 / 哔哩哔哩 [ B zhàn / bì lī bì lī ] – Video sharing/viewing site. Bilibili is your best bet to access Jersey’s stuff outside of  China.  Its users are predominately 20-somethings and teens, and it is a HUGE video-sharing site that started off as a place to watch anime but has really blown up into a social network entity and cultural phenomenon of its own the past couple years.  I (Brad) had to cheat heavily on this ridiculous B 站 slang and trends gauntlet of a quiz they make you go through in order to register an account which allows you to comment.  Seriously, go try to register and see how well you do. It’s like 50 questions and I think I could’ve gotten about two of them write without help.
  3. 弹舌 / 颤舌 [ tán shé / chàn shé ] – tongue rolling/vibrating. Jersey first called it 弹舌, then someone corrected her and told her it should be 颤舌。Who knows?
  4. Up主 [ zhǔ ] – Basically the equivalent of a “YouTuber.” You become an up主in your field/topic area when you become popular. Just one of hundreds of terms that have risen together with Bilibili.
  5. 快乐源泉 [ kuài lè yuán quán ] – source of happiness. A trending internet phrase often used thusly: “这是我的快乐源泉” - "this is my source of happiness.”
  6. 精通 [ jīng tōng ] - to master (a subject); to be proficient in
  7. 一段感情的结束 [ yī duàn gǎn qíng de jié shù ] – the end of a relationship. Or literally: the end of a period of feelings.
  8. 交心 [ jiāo xīn ] - lay one's heart bear
  9. 突发奇想 [ tū fā qí xiǎng ] - suddenly be inspired to do something; suddenly have a thought (idiom). 形容突然想出一个非常奇怪的想法。
  10. 潜移默化 [ qián yí mò huà ] - to influence secretly; imperceptible influence (idiom). 指人的思想、性格在不知不觉中受到感染、影响而发生变化。
  11. 引起共鸣 [ yǐn qǐ gòng míng ] – to resonate or evoke sympathy. Jersey says 引起他人的共鸣。Don’t know why, I just like this.
  12. 挺菜的 [ tǐng cài de ] – “very vegetable”... is what I’ve seen university-aged peeps say online as a joke.  At least I hope they are joking and realize that the direct translation of this trendy phrase doesn’t carry the same meaning.  It just means terrible, weak sauce, low-level, etc.
  13. 意识流 [ yì shí liú ] – stream of consciousness.
  14. 网上冲浪 [wǎng shǎng chōng làng] - surfing the internet. It makes me happy when we’re all cool with sharing new(ish) terminology.
  15. 垫脚石 [ diàn jiǎo shí ] - fig. person used to advance one's career; stepping stone
  16. 里程碑 [ lǐ chéng bēi ] - milestone; proud achievement
  17. 厚重感 [ hòu zhòng gǎn ] – heaviness; somber feeling

Pinyin, translations and definitions come from Baidu unless otherwise noted in parenthesis.


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制作人 Producers:面包 + 傲然 + 尔卓 + 邓泽西 JerseyDeng

主播 Hosts: 面包 + 易开

音乐人 Featured Musician: 邓泽西 JerseyDeng