#120. Larry Wang: The Right DirectionTHD美籍华人英语访谈秀

#120. Larry Wang: The Right Direction

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Larry Wang is a career, talent and leadership development facilitator.  He has been supporting career and talent needs in China for over 30 years.  He is the author of "The New Gold Mountain", "Know The Game , Play The Game" and "How To Develop Yourself As a Future Executive, Today".  He works with both private individuals and top executives in the worlds most recognizable companies and shares his insights with programs such as Harvard, Wharton and Beida.  Today he reflects on his personal moment of "awakening" during his first trip to China in the mid 80's and how that's led to a life of purpose.  We talk about his PLSD Approach, a methodology he designed to help people create more opportunities and improve faster within their daily jobs.  He also shares his takeaways from his former role of running one of China's leading recruitment agencies and the issues of human capital in China.  We talk soft skills, finding your career path, risk, success and having peace with your life.


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Just started listening to this episode and already loving it! Thank you Larry for sharing your insights, and thank you The Honest Drink for having Larry on the show!
UPenn Class of 2015 here!
22:49 天呐。。这是什么年代的事