The Wine Devotee (s03e19: Bertrand CRISTAU, XiaoLing Estate)Mosaic of China 英语脱口秀

The Wine Devotee (s03e19: Bertrand CRISTAU, XiaoLing Estate)

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In the 1840s, French missionaries attempted to enter Tibet, and kept getting pushed back to an area at the Northwestern tip of modern-day 云南 [Yúnnán] Province. Today, this region preserves an astonishing and unique mix of Tibetan, Chinese, French and Catholic traditions.

As part of that legacy, there are now villages that have perpetuated the art of winemaking first bequeathed to them over almost two centuries ago. And in today's episode, Bertrand Cristau explains how he first discovered this region, and how he ended up working together with the villagers to make prize-wining Himalayan wine.