Special Edition【EN】How NFT Thrives at Bottom?

Special Edition【EN】How NFT Thrives at Bottom?

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High Light

-The token and NFT sort of work hand in hand together in the ecosystem.

- The best way in order for web free to grow is to build a very trustworthy community and project at the same time to influence Web 2.

-Really trying to accelerate the pace of decentralization, which of course was the ethos and how a lot of projects got started. 

-Creators need to be compensated and it's not just through primary, but also through secondary cells.

-It's important to ensure that all content used in the empty is either original or properly license to avoid any legal issues.   It's also important to clearly define ownership and usage rights of the content in the empty contract.   For royalty issues, it's important to establish a fair and transparent royalty system.

Time Line

01:30 What to do to make NFT strive again in the current market situation?  

12:39  Does blue-chip NFT development more directed by the community or the institutions or both are very essential to make a success?

18:13 What about adding the founder and operation team and the consensus of the whole committee or the holders?

20:33 How to deal with the IP and royalty issues and also the distribution of the interest issue among the holders and the team?

26:00 How to deal with the conflict between the collection attributes and the trading attributes of NFT? 

28:31  Are we expecting something like a more neutral marketplace, something that combined positive elements from both like Open Sea, and blur and optimize what the user wants?

36:57 In what ways does decentralize nature of energies benefit smaller artists and creators looking to establish themselves in the crypto art scene?