Ep.34 Scott Moore[EN]:Gitcoin's DAO and the Web3 Ecosystem

Ep.34 Scott Moore[EN]:Gitcoin's DAO and the Web3 Ecosystem

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Scott Moore - Co-founder of Gitcoin


Frances - Contributor of 0x499 DAO, Co-founder of Udaya

【Key topics】

History of Scott and Gitcoin;

Model of Gitcoin and rationale behind it;

Scale and alignment are essential for Gitcoin;

New endeavor for Scott - Public Works Capital;

Think into the future - broad open source movement, AI, Zuzalu, network states.


1) Personal stories of Scott, Gitcoin’s history, transfer from platform model to protocol model

Grants program - quadratic funding shown to be signal to distribute capital

Why protocol model? Making sure protocol maintains to be neutral; Find funding; Promote alignment

Conway’s law - organizations design systems that mirror their own communication structure

2) What are the things he is most proud of? Not satisfied? Challenges?

What’s missing now - too few general open source projects other than Ethereum

3) Recent endeavor - Public Works Capital

Reason - self-sustainable, monetize interesting projects, benefiting the whole ecosystem

Model - mutually aligned, better model to exit to community, cross-subsidize

4) General discussion of public goods

The importance of positive externalities.

5) Other topics involving Zuzalu / network state economies / AI

6) Last words and advice

Do small, scale and incremental work. Don’t be afraid. Plan for sustainability.