S7E5 [EN]科技周会-OpenAI Sora模型,苹果Apple Vision Pro

S7E5 [EN]科技周会-OpenAI Sora模型,苹果Apple Vision Pro

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This podcast episode explores the potential and challenges of using AI tools like Sora and Apple Vision Pro for video creation. The speakers highlight the advantages of Sora in generating realistic videos with physics-based movements, and discuss the potential cost limitations of the tool. They speculate about the use of AI-generated videos for prototyping, and compare the rapid progress in the AI world to the development of mobile internet technology.


  • Sora has the potential to revolutionize video creation with realistic and physics-based video generation.
  • AI-generated videos can serve as prototypes or drafts for real-world video production.
  • Mid-Journey's success in image generation suggests the potential for disrupting stock photo websites.
  • The gap between China and the US in AI technology and human power may be smaller than previously thought, as evidenced by the dual roles of Chinese AI professors.


Sora: A Revolutionary AI Tool for Creating Realistic Videos

Sora: A Potential Game-Changer in Video Production

AI Video Generation: Sora and Apple Vision Pro, MidJourney's Hardware and Collaboration with Xtrader

Mid-Journey and China's AI Investment Landscape

Chinese AI Professors' Dual Roles: Balancing Research and Startups

Q & A

Q: What are the advantages of Sora over Pica Labs?

A: Sora can support as long as 60 seconds, and the details are so real. And it seems like every movement of those objects, they follow the physics in real life.

Q: What kind of business are you going to use as generative videos?

A: One example is that like, you know, before this, when people have to shoot like a movie or like a well-made video, first they need to make like a a screenplay so that's like drawings of static frames so now with Sora you can probably generate like a pseudo like draft of the video rather than just have like static like hand drawn images so that improves like the drafting stage for filming Movies or videos.

Q: Do you think like, Sora could be combined with Apple Vision Pro?

A: Yeah, I can definitely see the use of that. Again, I think both of these two products they have very similar in terms of like just even as a first version the quality are amazing.

Q: Is there any government funding for the development of AI in China?

A: I believe that's the case, yeah. All the major investors are, you could say, like public companies, but not like government or national affiliated, yeah.

Q: So I don't know like how much time does he have to run his company.

A: I feel this is like, it's a very common thing for Chinese professors to also have some startups. So I don't know like how much time you can spend on research versus running the company.

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