S7E6 [EN] 科技周会Perplexity vs OpenAI ChatGPT, Rivian, Google

S7E6 [EN] 科技周会Perplexity vs OpenAI ChatGPT, Rivian, Google

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Host: Tracy (@tracyyxchen), Roger (@rogerzhufilm)

This podcast episode explores the rise of Perplexity AI, a chatbot that has garnered attention for its impressive performance. The speakers question Perplexity AI's valuation and compare it to ChatGPT, discussing the potential impact of the network effect and different company focuses. The episode also examines the success of Rivian, an electric vehicle company that is competing with larger companies like Tesla, highlighting the potential benefits of focusing on a specific niche. The speakers conclude by discussing the government's potential support for Rivian and the challenges faced by Chinese EV companies.


  • Perplexity AI's success may be driven by the network effect, similar to social media recommendations.
  • Rivian's focus on a specific niche in the electric vehicle market allows it to compete with larger companies like Tesla.
  • The government may support Rivian to prevent Tesla from becoming the only major EV company in the US.
  • Chinese EV companies face challenges due to tariffs.
  • AI-generated content may impact Google's search algorithm.


PerplexityAI: A Unicorn with a Browser Plugin00:00

Perplexity AI vs. ChatGPT: Network Effect and Focus Drive Success02:17

Rivian: A Smaller Company Competing with the Giants03:54

Rivian's Government Support and the Future of EV Companies in the US05:06

Q & A

Q: How do you think about Perplexity AI?

A: I feel ChatGPT also has the same capability. It has a browser plugin and it also starts with a chat.

Q: What is the difference between perplexity AI and OpenAI?

A: Perplexity AI focuses on search and optimizes the user experience, while OpenAI focuses on being a platform and wants others to use its capabilities to build other things.

Q: What is the relationship between Rivian and Tesla?

A: Rivian is a smaller company that is more focusing on one specific area and trying to be the best in that, while Tesla is a larger, more comprehensive company that's maybe 90% good at everything.

Q: What is the reason why the government wants to keep Rivian alive?

A: Because they don't want Tesla to be the only pure EV company in the US, which could lead to antitrust lawsuits.

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