S7E8 [EN] 科技周会-Xiaomi EV, Flexible Screen, and Alibaba

S7E8 [EN] 科技周会-Xiaomi EV, Flexible Screen, and Alibaba

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This podcast episode explores significant developments in the electric vehicle market, including Xiaomi's entry with an affordable and Porsche-inspired car, Apple's decision to halt their EV project, and Tesla's challenges with device integration. The discussion also touches on luxury electric cars like the Porsche Taycan and the popularity of flexible screen technology, with a focus on Samsung's foldable phones. Additionally, the episode highlights the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund's massive size and impact on the country's economy and discusses Alibaba's strategy to refocus on its core e-commerce business.


  • Xiaomi's affordable electric vehicle, resembling luxury brand Porsche, is generating buzz in the market.
  • Apple's decision to halt their EV project raises questions about safety concerns and user experience.
  • Porsche Taycan is considered a symbol of luxury and status in the electric vehicle industry.
  • Flexible screen technology, exemplified by Samsung's foldable phones, is gaining popularity.
  • Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund's management of a significant amount of money showcases challenges faced by other countries.
  • Alibaba aims to refocus on its core e-commerce business to regain market share.


Xiaomi Enters the Electric Vehicle Market, Drawing Comparison with Porsche00:00

Apple Stops EV Project, Xiaomi's Impressive Launch, and Tesla's Integration Struggles02:28

Porsche Taycan and the Downturn of Flexible Screens06:40

Flexibility of Screens and the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund09:50

Alibaba's New Direction and Focus on Market Share12:22

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