[EN] S3E10 | Kevin @ Dendron: How to Index 10,000 Notes从零道一

[EN] S3E10 | Kevin @ Dendron: How to Index 10,000 Notes

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在他的早期创业经历中,Kevin主导运营了一个针对AWS的顾问业务。在第一次创业项目结束后,Kevin建立了一个名为 BackupTable 的 SaaS 项目,它可以备份你在AirTable中所有的数据。前两次创业经历让Kevin积累了丰富的经验,他决定开始第三次创业。



Kevin had a unique upbringing - he was born in China, moved to Germany with his parents as a child, and received his education in Canada and the United States.

After graduating from Rice University, Kevin spent five years at Amazon before starting his own business.

Kevin did AWS consulting as his first venture. He then built a SaaS project called BackupTable, which backed up users' data in AirTable. With the experience from his first two startups, Kevin decided to start his third - Dendron.

In early 2021, Dendron got into Y Combinator (YC) and received $2 million seed funding after YC's demo day. Now, Dendron has 3400+ stars on Github and ~2,000 members on its Discord.

In this episode, Kevin starts with his life story and how experiencing different cultures has given him a unique perspective on life and work. Kevin talks about his experience working at AWS, shares lessons he has learn throughout his entrepreneurial journey, especially how he deals with adversity. He also shares how he went through YC and successfully got the seed funding.


0:03:37 出生在中国,成长在德国,学习于加拿大和美国

0:15:44 加入Amazon的理由

0:17:20 制作播客 - 找到一个让人们愿意在你身上花时间的理由

0:20:37 离开Amazon的理由

0:25:16 AWS咨询 - 离开后的第一个业务

0:29:14 对话50家初创团队

0:33:38 BackupTable - 一次完整的尝试

0:36:34 什么是Dendron,为什么?

0:39:06 早期故事,申请YC创业营

0:41:56 Roam, Foam, Obsidian, Dendron等应用的区别

0:48:33 YC面试的流程

0:51:56 YC如何帮助Dendron

0:58:38 远程地点,当地时间,异步无阻塞交流

1:06:51 如何做好Marketing

1:12:39 快问快答

1:17:25 最暖心的时刻


0:03:37 Born in China, raised in German, educatuted in Canada and US

0:15:44 Reason to join Amazon

0:17:20 Host a podcast - Find a good reason to allow people to waste time on you

0:20:37 Reason to leave Amazon

0:25:16 AWS Consulting - The first business after quitting

0:29:14 Talk to 50 Startups

0:33:38 BackUpTable - A dry run

0:36:34 What is Dendron and Why

0:39:06 Early days, start applying YC Camp

0:41:56 Roam, Foam, Obsidian, Dendron, what's the difference

0:48:33 YC interview experience

0:51:56 How does YC help Dendron

0:58:38 Remote work, local time, and asynchronous communication (don't block)

1:06:51 Promotion and marketing

1:12:39 Lightning Round

1:17:25 Warmest Moment


《Man's Search for Meaning》 作者:Viktor Emil Frankl

《Principle》作者:Raymond Dalio



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