Lagos to New York: A Remarkable JourneyLaw, disrupted|法律访谈

Lagos to New York: A Remarkable Journey

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John is joined by Temi Omilabu, an associate in Quinn Emanuel’s New York office.  They discuss her remarkable journey from her childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, to becoming a trial lawyer at Quinn Emanuel, including the adjustments she had to make moving from Lagos to first Florida then Texas, her years at Case Western University where she earned her Master’s degree in Bioethics and her work after graduating for two global health-focused nonprofits.  They also discuss her love of advocacy and storytelling that led her to law school, her internship in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and her post-law school fellowship in the General Counsel’s Office at Yale.  Finally, they discuss how Temi’s interest in litigation lead her to Quinn Emanuel’s New York office,  where she immediately started working on depositions and on multi-district litigation and went to trial in a pro bono case within her first year with the firm.